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Conversion Pipelines

The data pipelines are implemented as Python submodules inside modm_data folder and have the following structure:

flowchart LR
    A(PDF) -->|pdf2html| B
    B -->|html2svd| D
    B(HTML) -->|html| C
    C(Python) -->|owl| E
    D(CMSIS-SVD) -->|cmsis-svd| C
    F(CMSIS Header) -->|header2svd| D
    I(Open Pin Data) -->|cubemx| C
    G(CubeMX) -->|cubemx| C
    H(CubeHAL) -->|cubehal| C
    J -->|dl| A
    J -->|dl| F
    J -->|dl| G
    J -->|dl| H
    J -->|dl| I
    J[STMicro] -->|dl| D

Currently supported are only these pipelines:

  • PDF to HTML for all STMicro documents.
  • HTML to SVD for STMicro STM32 Reference Manuals only.
  • Header to SVD for STMicro STM32 CMSIS Header files.

In particular, the conversion to OWL is prototyped, but not really useful yet.